Pathways Nurture Provision

Pathways Nurture Provision

We work hard to foster a calm, secure, safe and inclusive learning environment, where all of our pupils can learn and thrive. It is our primary aim that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly and well.


Our school community is built on the strong relationships we have developed with each other, our families and our community and also our school culture, which is based on our school values; Aspiration, Community, Kindness, Learning, Resilience and Respect. These relationships and values underpin our school ethos.


Pathways Nurture Provision at Watling Street Primary School endeavours to ensure that the needs of all learners who attend our setting are met throughout their educational journey.

We believe that in order for our pupils to be able to learn effectively, they need to feel safe in their environment and be both socially and emotionally ready to learn. We understand the importance of holistic development and offer nurturing and enriching experiences to enable the development of the whole child. 

We do however recognise that some of our pupils are not always emotionally ready to learn when they come to School and therefore require an increased level of support to enable them to access the wider curriculum. For this reason, we offer a Nurture Provision for identified pupils to further support their social and emotional development whilst maintaining the high aspirations and fulfilment of potential that we have for all of our pupils.

Nurture groups are an in-school, teacher-led intervention of groups of less than 12 students that effectively replace missing or distorted early nurturing experiences for both children and young adults; they achieve this by immersing students in an accepting and warm environment which helps develop positive relationships with both teachers and peers.


Pathways Nurture provision offers a range of opportunities for children to engage with early nurturing experiences they may have missed possibly due to adverse childhood experiences, resulting in attachment difficulties and development trauma. Our Nurture provision curriculum is based around the 6 principles of Nurture, as well as providing support in relation to the development of Phonics, English and Maths academic skills, whilst also developing pupil’s self-esteem and social, emotional and mental health needs. Our ultimate aim is to give students the skills and strategies they need to continue participating successfully in education.

Our school and it's nurture provision is locally recognised as an example of outstanding practice, achieving the Platinum Standard from Walsall Virtual School.