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A message from the Staff


Please click on your child’s class to find the work the Teacher has set.  

We would like to remind everyone that you do not need to do every task that has been given. Please choose the ones your child wants to do and will enjoy doing. The last thing we want is for these activities to become a battle that you have with your child(ren) each day or week.
Everyone of us has, in one way or another, felt the worry and pressure the last few days and weeks have brought. Our children are no different. They may not understand exactly what is happening, but they know that it’s strange, that their lives and routines have changed suddenly and without any real understanding. Our older children may also have the concerns we are all having.
What matters most to every member of staff at Watling Street is that our children are ok. That they are happy and feel safe and that they understand that everything is going to be ok. So please, pick as few or as many of the activities set as you want to but importantly - if you are struggling to get the ‘work’ done - read, read and read some more. Read with them, read to them, read anything they are interested in and anything that you have at home. Do number work - count, add up, take away, have multiplication competitions, draw and talk about shapes - in fact any maths work at your child’s level that you can get done, do. And, just as importantly, play, talk, sing, dance, make, create and get outside in the garden.
We will keep the work coming and will try to make it as fun, engaging and interesting as we possibly can but in true Watling Street family style we HAVE to put our children’s happiness first......and (perhaps) your sanity too!
Take care and stay safe.