Watling Street Primary School

Our School Day from to
Nursery am 8.45am 11.45am
Nursery all day 8.45am 3.30pm
Reception to Y6 (doors open at 8.50am) 9.00am 3.15pm
Lunchtimes from to
Reception 11.45am 12.45pm
Year 1 11.55am 12.35pm
Year 2 12pm 12.40pm
Year 3 12.15pm 12.55pm
Year 4 12.20pm 1pm
Year 5 12.25pm 1.05pm
Year 6 12.30pm 1.10pm
Playtime from to
Y1, Y2 & Y6 10.05am 10.25am
Y3, Y4 & Y5 10.30am 10.50am
Assembly from to
Reception to Y6 2.50pm 3.10pm